Travel Tale - Vietnam

Pro's and Con's on using a Travel Agency -

People travel around the world for different reasons.

Some for the beaches, some for the food, some for architecture and others for parties.

Traveling, for us, is exploring. As somewhat naïve Europeans me and my girlfriend were astonished to discover the compass of diversity found in Vietnam!

We knew about some of the differences found in different regions of Vietnam, but we had no insight into the scope of these differences.

From food, nature and clothing to customs and expectations.

In the southern parts of Vietnam, we experienced disapproving looks from strangers when holding hands or kissing in public, while in central and northern parts of Vietnam public display of affect seemed to be somewhat customary.

While discovering those cultural differences were interesting to experience, having done some research before traveling could probably have saved us from some trouble.

We chose to travel almost completely unprepared, with every evening being the time of the day where we figured out were we wanted to go the next day.

This approach had some nice advantages for us! If we found a gold mine in the middle of nowhere, we did not have to leave because of a plan or the like.

With not many restrictions and no time plan, traveling from the southern of Vietnam to North-Vietnam we felt light and free.

This approach had a few disadvantages though. We ended up in the middle of a national park (Cát Tiên) at the time of the year when insects and snakes are thriving the best, and with no bus departing from the village for the next three days.

We absolutely enjoyed traveling with no plans and restrictions, but next time we are going traveling we will definitely make a route before departure, and probably with the help of someone like Huckleberry Days, who can provide us information about different seasons, customs, challenges and the like.

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