Eco Travel – What Can We Do To Save The Planet?

Awareness Of Environmental Issues Are All Around Us These Days. We See It In The News Where We Are Reminded Of The Issues With Plastic Waste, Polar Bears Becoming Extinct, Our Sea Life Is Suffering In So Many Ways From The Waste Disposal Issues To Rising Sea Temperatures – Above And Below Ground We Seem To Be Fighting A Losing Battle With Ice Bergs Melting And Coral Reefs Fading Away.

“But what can I do? I can’t make a big impact on my own, so why bother at all?”

Well, actually there are plenty of things you can do when you are at home and even when travelling abroad for your vacations.

What Is Eco-Tourism?

We are encouraging travellers to visit places and businesses that work hard to sustain the natural areas through education and well-being. We ensure that local communities receive a fair share of the revenue generated through these initiatives utilising local produce, local businesses, local employment, and creating ways to sustain the natural beauty of the environment around them and take action to protect where needed.

How Do I Know I Am Travelling To An Eco-Friendly Business?

If a business or company is actively working alongside local communities and helping sustain or protect their culture and environment, then you can be sure they will be shouting very loud about it.

The Maldives, for example, has an organisation called Save the Beach, where regular beach clean-ups are organised, as well as amazing initiatives like reef monitoring and rehabilitation are taking place, and the team at Secret Paradise Maldives actively work with them on their many projects.

Save the Beach also works with us to offer educational trips and tours for tourists interested in learning more about the projects and showing them what they can do to help. These tours are a wonderful way to experience the gorgeous local islands and meet the local people who are always warm and friendly.

Guest Houses And Local Islands Versus Resorts

In 2009 the Maldivian government changed the laws to allow tourism on local islands. This created huge opportunities for local families to open their own guesthouses and boutique hotels. Many of them employ their own family members and buy produce from local suppliers on their islands, creating a ripple effect for eco-tourism within their local communities. Resorts in the Maldives are situated on their own self-contained islands. Therefore, much of the revenue is being put back into sustaining their private islands, with a large proportion actually leaving the country. Many resorts, however, do take environmental issues very seriously and are making huge efforts to assist in this area. Visiting and staying in the local guest houses, however, not only allows you to do your part for ecotourism but also allows you to see how the local people live, eat locally prepared foods and believe us, there is nothing better than tasting traditional meals prepared by the residents who have grown up with these foods.

A cultural experience – whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, group or family, the local island guest houses are a fantastic way to experience the best of the Maldives. Travelling with children, they get to experience local cultures and play with local children who love nothing more than making new friends and practising their English language skills. You can enjoy an actively social time on the islands or a tranquil, relaxing time. With a strong Islamic culture, many local women wear headscarves called hijabs and alcohol is not prohibited. But with the intense heat and so many activities to enjoy, it is rarely missed. However, for those who wish to enjoy a glass of wine or beer, day trips to resorts can be organised by your guesthouse host.

Why Travel on Eco Trips?

We offer an array of tours for eco-tourist. All our trips focus on learning about the local islands, culture and giving back to the local economy by utilising local guest houses and boutique hotels run by Maldivian families. But we haven’t forgotten about the crystal clear waters surrounding the beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean – snorkelling and scuba diving is available also using eco-friendly businesses to ensure inquisitive tourists do not disrupt our underwater world!

Our team have specially designed trips and tours for visitors to the Maldives, offering you the opportunity to enjoy local traditions in the heart of the community. You can join our local family and your guide for an authentic Maldivian dinner in their home; you can spend the day accompanied by your guide visiting key sites of interest in local islands as well as discovering a few points off the beaten track sharing information on Maldivian culture and tradition.

Eco Trips Are More Expensive And For High-End Earners

Agreed that the perception is this but actually visiting local islands and local businesses and employing residents means that the overheads are not as high as elite resorts with international staff and internationally built properties. So if you chose right, there are eco-travel options to suit every budget.

Where Do I Find More Information About The Best Vacation For Me?

We work with many guest houses and islands across the Maldives, and we can offer a wide range of vacation packages for all types of travellers and budgets. Drop us a line today and say hi!

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