9 Essential Travel & Packing Tips for South-East Asia

9 Essential Travel & Packing Tips for South-East Asia

South-East Asia is a place of stunning natural beauty and culture. With such an array of sights, sounds, and tastes to explore, it can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor. That's why we've compiled our 9 Essential Travel & Packing Tips for South East Asia that will help make your journey as smooth as possible.

What we cover:

Before Departure

1. Get your Travel Documents & Funding sorted

2. Get a First Aid Kit & Toiletries

3. What to pack?

While on the Road

1. Bring a refillable bottle!

2. Make sure to Record and Document your Adventures!

3. Be open-minded

Every good thing comes to an end

1. Souvenirs & Growing Luggage on the Way

2. Bring an Extra Bag or Ship Things Home

3. Maintain your travel Spirit

We are not touching the point of Clothes, Footwear, Medication and Electronics in detail, but the following points should be clear to all adventurers planning to get on the road and off the beaten path:

Clothing & Footwear

Pack comfortable, weather and culturally appropriate clothing that is in the best-case quick-drying and hand washable. Bring at least 2 pairs of comfortable shoes, one for the road and one for hikes and outdoor adventures, depending on your adventure travel plans. You can easily acquire flip Flops and waters shoes at the destination.


If you have an underlying condition, keep us informed and carry appropriate amounts of medication as quality, brands, and active ingredients vary between different Southeast Asian countries.


If you are an avid photographer or Social Media icon, you will know what to bring, and you should know that you should contact us. For the average traveller, sometimes less is more; bring your phone and capture memories on the go instead of hauling gear around and missing all the fun.


Even though travel restrictions remain in place while writing this article in many countries, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Giving hope to people longing for international travel to overseas travel destinations, South East Asia with Thailand and the Maldives is very much in the lead of re-opening to international arrivals.

So, stop dreaming about travel, get yourself informed and start planning your international trip to South East Asia with the following 9 Essential Travel & Packing Tips for South-East Asia:

Before Departure

Get your documents sorted, collect Important Documents & Travel Information. This includes special visas and immunization and vaccination certificates that may be required to enter your final destination. Ensure your passport is valid longer than 6 months and has ample space for all your destinations entry and exit stamps. Once you have all your documents physically printed, lay it out on a table along with your credit and bank cards and take another copy with your phone. You can add another layer of protection by uploading the pictures to safe cloud space, which helps to avoid issues if anything gets lost on the road.

Get a First Aid Kit & Toiletries bagged up. Make sure to bring all the toiletries you’ll need during your active travel adventure with you instead of purchasing them when you arrive at your destination. You might want to rely on Eco Friendly and Bio-Degradable Products to preserve the natural environment of reefs and streams during your travels. Pack all your toiletries in Ziploc bags to avoid unwanted spills and damage to your other travel items. Small first aid kits are available in the world’s favourite marketplace, but you might want to consider upgrading it a little with the recommendations of the International Red Cross.

What to pack? Overpacking clothes is a top violation of adventure travel. Before you start shoving everything into your bag, ask, “Do I really need three pairs of jeans?” Many travellers wear the same clothes multiple days in a row (we sure do), which significantly reduces pack/luggage weight and the hassle of managing a wardrobe on your trip. Choosing the right luggage is sometimes the hardest part of packing. If you are planning on an active adventure, with changing modes of transportations, then wheeled luggage quickly becomes a hassle. Use a backpack or a hybrid instead, and a great addition are packing cubes, which help you organize the big compartment of your travel backpack. If you’re shopping for new luggage, consider future adventures, destinations and changes in your travel behaviour.

During Travel - While on the road.

Bring a refillable bottle; staying hydrated is one of the most important things for staying healthy in the great outdoors. Especially for active travel adventures in warm, humid climates. Pack water bottles that you can refill from safe sources along the way to help the environment. In the best case, bring a vacuum travel bottle of at least 0.7 litres which will help you to keep your beverages hot or cool.

Make sure to record and document your adventures; you might think you will remember all the fun you had while looking at pictures of your travels. But believe us, the more you create, the better will be the experience of re-visiting your favourite destinations, parties and friends back home. Write a blog, take notes or take V-Logs daily; there is nothing more important than keeping your memories.

Be open-minded; you will embark on an adventure of a lifetime, prepare mentally to open up to new cultures, people and influences. Travel is by far the best remedy to gain a new perspective, learn about life and generally the place to step out of your comfort zone.

Post-Travel - Every good thing comes to an end.

Souvenirs & Growing Luggage on the Way, it’s wise not to fully pack your travel bags, which won’t leave any room for souvenirs, you may purchase during your adventures. Additionally, purchasing handmade products from local communities is a great way to support craftspeople and their traditions and provide you with a great story to tell back home.

Bring an Extra Bag or Ship Things Home; if you find that you have little space left after packing essential items, throw in an empty collapsible duffel or tote that you can use for bringing your souvenirs back. It’s not always easy to find bags during tours to remote areas, and you’ll want to avoid paying hefty shipping costs to get your goodies home.

Maintain your travel spirit, you might encounter some discomfort, returning to your everyday life, but never forget “Nothing is permanent except change”, and we hope you have changed during your trip to the foreign countries of this beautiful world.

Ready to travel (again)? Check out our open countries and contact one of our Travel Advisors for a free consultation about your trip of a lifetime!

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