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Is it safe to travel again?

We are constantly updating our information about Covid19, travel restrictions and regulations, to ensure our travellers' safety and the communities they visit. We try our best to make immigration processes as smooth as possible and to navigate around high-risk areas.  

Do I need a vaccine to travel with Huckleberry Days?

We recommend that all our travellers should be fully vaccinated before their trip. At the same time, most countries that are already open to tourism require a PCR test certificate that states a negative result. 

What happens if a country closes down before or during my stay?

If your trip gets cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions, you will get the trip fully refunded. We have also issued a high amount of WESTARTTOURISM21 vouchers that you can use when booking your trip. Inserting this voucher code while booking, you will be able to complete the booking with no payment. We will only charge you 14 days before departure to ensure that you won't have to wait for a refund in case of cancellations. 

How do I make sure that I won't be affected by restrictions before or during my stay? 

We recommend you to stay updated with the ministries of tourism, foreign affairs departments and the individual websites for the ministries of foreign affairs in your country of arrival. We take only the responsibility of keeping our own travellers updated. 

Ensure that your travel insurance provider will cover you in case of covid19 related issues before and during your stay. 

FAQ/Covid19: FAQ
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