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This seems to be the place to go, when people win the lottery. Except, you do not have to be a rich bastard, to go with Huckleberry Days. We take you to those powder-sugar beaches, on incredible dive cruises, dive-tours and small local villages without blowing your budget before touching down in Male. And most importantly, we make sure to take extremely good care of this fragile destination while doing it!


This is where the sweetest travel-stories are made! We basically got it all covered in one country. Imagine returning home like a sailor from the seven seas, telling your sweet ones about volcanos, orangutans, deep rainforests, camping on uninhabited islands and diving with sharks. And oh... don't forget to mention the surfing, mountain biking, river rafting and the unique, diverse culture!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can be visited all year round. One of the genius parts of Sri Lanka, is that you will basically be able to drive across the country and so much will change. Not only the weather, but the culture, scenery and nature will be different. That gives us so many ways an options to plan a super diverse trip with a great range of different activities. Wanna see?


Everything is possible in Thailand!

Being one of the first tropical countries in South East Asia to open up to tourism, Thailand has had the possibility to grow and develop the options for traveling and experiencing, that the surrounding countries can only dream about. 

If you can truly master, to get around the amount of tourists that goes with it, there are no limits to what you can experience in "The Land of Smiles".


One of the most mysterious, flavorful and diverse countries on our menu. From riding a motorbike in the Himalayas, living on a houseboat in Kerala to enjoying the many beautiful beaches in the south! Do not forget your patience, camera and appetite.

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